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Why Become an AirIQ Reseller?

As an AirIQ reseller, you tap into a profitable market with high demand. Our competitive commission structures and recurring revenue model ensure you benefit from every sale. Grow your business by offering our fleet management products that delivers real, measurable benefits to your clients.

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AirIQ Reseller Program

Advantages Of An AirIQ Reseller

Earn on-going residuals

Benefit from a recurring revenue model that rewards you for every client you bring on board, ensuring long-term income

Competitively Priced

Offer your clients high-quality solutions at prices that stand out in the market

No Inventory to Stock

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with no need to manage physical inventory

No Start Up Costs

Start your journey with AirIQ without any initial financial investment

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Leading-Edge Technology

AirIQ offers cutting-edge fleet management technology aimed at optimizing fleet operations. With capabilities such as live GPS tracking, route optimization, and vehicle diagnostics, your clients can achieve unmatched efficiency and cost reductions. By becoming a reseller, you provide these groundbreaking solutions to your customer base

Profitable Revenue Streams

As an AirIQ reseller, you access a lucrative market with strong demand. Our attractive commission plans and recurring revenue model ensure you profit from every sale. Expand your business by offering a product that delivers tangible, measurable benefits to your clients

Extensive Support

AirIQ is dedicated to your success. We provide thorough training, marketing resources, and technical support to help you effectively sell our fleet management solutions. Our committed team is always ready to assist you with any challenges, ensuring you have all the tools needed to excel

Reseller Advantages

As an AirIQ reseller, you receive exclusive perks including special pricing, early access to new features, and priority support. We value our partners and aim to provide an exceptional experience. Join a successful network of resellers and capitalize on everything AirIQ has to offer

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