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Improve safety and compliance today, with a better ELD solution.
Airiq Electronic Logging Device screens, with the physical ELD devices next to it
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Your ELD Solution is Here

Navigating the Shift from Paper Logbooks to Electronic Logbooks. Buckle up—it’s all about the driver!

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You don't have the time for a complicated installation. That's why our ELD solution is quick and easy to install

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Hours of Service

Simplify your ability to follow HOS regulations. Manage how long each driver is on the road reducing fatigue prone incidences

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Live Tracking

Our ECM tracking device allows you to track location, driver behaviour, vehicle diagnostics and much more

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Easy Installation

No need to grapple with complexity—just a few straightforward steps, and you’re good to go

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Canadian Certified & FMCSA Approved

Simplify your ability to follow HOS regulations, and manage how long each driver is on the road

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North American based Support

Get double the support with the AirIQ and Apollo partnership. Ensuring you get help when you need it.

Facilitate Driver Vehicle Checks

Streamline Driver Vehicle Inspections and Diagnostics

Streamlined Workflows for Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections Across the U.S. and Canada

Setup Alerts

Setup real-time alerts and receive notifications for missed inspection and defects

Automatic Notifications

facilitate seamless communication between drivers, mechanics, and fleet managers.
A laptop and a phone, both showing the comprehensive data from AirIQ's Fleet Management System
Mobile app interface showing Hours of Service logs, including driven, on-shift, and on-cycle hours, along with a map for tracking, and a logbook entry screen

Elevate Fleet Safety with AirIQ’s HOS Solution

Our user-friendly system empowers fleet managers and drivers. Create detailed dashboard reports on driver logs, remaining hours, and efficiently handle unassigned logs

Frequently asked questions

All your general questions regarding ELDs
What is ELD compliance?
ELD compliance ensures accurate recording of driving hours, promotes safety, and streamlines regulatory adherence for both drivers and fleet managers.
Is ELD required?
Yes, the ELD mandate is required for most commercial motor vehicle drivers in the U.S., aiming to improve road safety by electronically recording hours of service.
How does an ELD work?
ELDs streamline compliance, enhance safety, and simplify record-keeping for both drivers and fleet managers.
How does AirIQ's ELD solution help
Our ELD system ensures safety and efficiency for your fleet. By continuously monitoring vehicle movement, adapting settings across borders, and analyzing driving behavior, we minimize accident risks and fuel wastage. All critical data is securely logged for six months, allowing easy reference.
How do ELDs help my business?
Our comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates GPS tracking, Hours of Service (HOS), paperless Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs), temperature monitoring, and more. Simplify operations, stay compliant, and optimize your fleet management.

Keep your fleet compliant and Drivers secure with AirIQ