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At AirIQ, we are your dedicated partners in ensuring everything IOT. Our experienced team offers expert advice, comprehensive assessments, and cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.

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Fleet Management
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IOT Solutions

Meet our team members

At AirIQ, we’re not just a team; we’re a constellation of diverse talents, each adding a unique spark to our collective vision.

History Of AirIQ

AirIQ Inc., founded in 1997 in Pickering, Ontario, is a leader in IoT-based asset management solutions. The company began as a wireless communication enterprise and has evolved to focus on telematics, providing fleet management and asset tracking solutions using GPS, specialized software, and wireless communications. AirIQ's services include real-time data analytics, geofence detection, maintenance tracking, and compliance features aimed at enhancing efficiency and security for various assets and fleets.Over the years, AirIQ has expanded its reach through strategic partnerships, such as with Teltonika and Phillips Connect Technologies, to bolster its presence in the market and improve its product offerings. The company has also undergone several management changes, including the appointment of Steve Willey as President and CEO in 2007, who has played a significant role in guiding the company's strategic direction.AirIQ continues to innovate within the fleet management sector, focusing on providing comprehensive solutions that integrate multiple technologies to meet the needs of businesses worldwide

Investor Relations

At AirIQ, we are unwavering in our dedication to delivering value and transparency to our esteemed investors.

Our Commitment

At AirIQ, we prioritize our shareholders by consistently delivering strong financial performance, fostering transparency, and actively engaging in strategic decisions. Through prudent management, innovative solutions, and a commitment to growth, we aim to maximize shareholder returns and build lasting trust.

AirIQ Offers You

Live Customer Support

Whether you have a question, need technical assistance, or require guidance, our team is just a call or message away.


AirIQ can elevate your fleet management business by providing scalable, real-time tracking and analytics, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness

In-house development

Accidents can happen at anytime. Make sure your drivers are protected from other’s wrong doings

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