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Fleet Solutions

Join over 10,000 companies thriving with AirIQ's Fleet Management Software
Laptop screen displaying AirIQ's Fleet management software showing a GPS tracking dashboard with a map of San Diego and surrounding areas, highlighting vehicle locations and event detailsLaptop screen displaying AirIQ's Fleet Management software, showing a GPS tracking dashboard with a map of San Diego and surrounding areas, showing vehicle locations and status informationLaptop screen showing an AirIQ maintenance detail report with information on hours and odometer readings for various vehicles
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Using AI Technology To Improve your Business

Tomorrow's Fleet Management Solutions Today!

Navigating Tomorrow, Today: Our management system harnesses cutting-edge AI, predictive analytics, and seamless automation. Step into the future of efficiency!

Fleet Management

Our unwavering commitment to operational excellence, cutting-edge technology, and personalized support ensures that your fleet is in capable hands.

Asset Management

Leverage data insights to anticipate maintenance needs, optimize resource allocation, and prevent downtime.

Field Service

Digitize your entire field service workflow, from scheduling to invoicing, using AirIQ

Video Telematics

Our video telematics solution combines GPS, telematics, and video cameras. Enhance safety, reduce accidents, and optimize fleet operations

Application and Workflow

Boost Efficiency: Our tailored solutions streamline processes, automate tasks, and provide real-time insights. Say goodbye to bottlenecks

Our people make the difference

Our award-winning customer service goes beyond transactions—it’s about building relationships, We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer care.

Why companies choose AirIQ for Fleet Management

Fleet Management Systems

Our systems hard at work to bring you benefits

Our management system isn’t just about managing—it’s about navigating tomorrow, today. Harnessing cutting-edge AI, predictive analytics, and seamless automation, it’s time to step into the future of efficiency!
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Prevent accidents

Visibility cultivates trust with your drivers and ensures they operate your vehicles safely


Cut costs

Start fresh by justifying every expense. Allocate resources based on current needs and strategic priorities


Exonerate drivers

Accidents can happen at anytime. Make sure your drivers are protected from other’s wrongdoings

Fleet Management

Stay proactive with automated reminders and integrated fleet performance solutions. Quickly identify and prioritize maintenance tasks to prevent vehicle wear and minimize downtime.

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AirIQ's Fleet Management Software map screen

Increase Productivity

AirIQ’s array of software tools and versatile hardware empowers carriers to be swift, efficient, and triumphant

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Two overlapping images show data visualization: one image features a candlestick chart, while the other image displays a web performance dashboard with metrics for your fleet

Asset management

AirIQ scalable asset tracking solutions cater to businesses of all sizes, providing visibility into asset location and availability.

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A group of phone each displaying AirIQ's Fleet Management Software

Driver Coaching

Monitor risky driving in real-time, set alerts, and get notifications. Use trend reports to identify drivers needing additional training.

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Two smartphone screens displaying a driver coaching app. The left screen shows a map with a car icon and points earned, while the right screen shows acceleration score history in a bar graph format

Our innovations are reshaping the landscape

By focusing on enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness, AirIQ is setting new standards in fleet management and significantly impacting how businesses manage their vehicle fleets.

Customer support

Unparalleled Customer Support: Our commitment to responsiveness and proactivity sets us apart. We’re leaving other GPS tracking companies in the dust!

High quality products

While many GPS and software companies consider customer support a resource drain, we see it as our secret weapon. We’re committed to personalized, top-tier assistance—no shortcuts!

Market-Leading solutions

Our commitment to excellence drives us to source GPS tracking devices directly from top manufacturers in the USA. Your business deserves nothing less
Safety a Reality

AirIQ Making Your Fleet Safer

Our onboard camera systems and real-time GPS tracking aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re the bedrock of an effective fleet safety program. By monitoring incidents in real time, we empower fleet managers to address poor driving habits proactively, preventing costly citations, fuel wastage, and accidents

Starting With AirIQ Is Simple!

Step 1: Request a Demo

Getting started with AirIQ's Fleet Management system is as simple as reaching out to request a demo. You can do this here through our form or by contacting our sales team directly. Our system is tailored designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the system’s capabilities tailored to your specific business needs.

Once you've requested a demo, an AirIQ representative will schedule a demonstration at your convenience. During this demo, you’ll see firsthand how the system works and how it can be customized to fit your fleet's unique requirements. This interactive session allows you to ask questions and gain a deep understanding of the features and benefits.

After the demo, if you decide to proceed, the AirIQ team will guide you through the implementation process. They offer full support to ensure a smooth transition, including setting up the system, training your team, and integrating the platform with your existing processes. This step is designed to be quick and efficient, minimizing any disruption to your operations.

Step 3: Implementation

Step 2: Demonstration

See What AirIQ Clients Are Saying

"As an ambulance company, we need to ensure timely and safe arrivals. The easy-to-use web-based Fleet Management System from AirIQ provides accurate arrival times and speeds, making fleet management easier than ever."
Aaron Castro - SuperiorCare Ambulance
"AirIQ's support has been incredible from the start. They helped us set up over 20 geofences around our drilling sites, improving our safety and efficiency. We can now accurately monitor speed, location, and entry/exit times for our entire fleet."
Mary Garcia​ - Premier Eagle Ford Services
"The GPS tracking system helped us resolve a customer dispute quickly. We located the vehicle and solved the issue in less than five minutes, saving time and money."
Rusty Berlint - Stone Oak Limousine
"Using AirIQ, we have significantly reduced our fuel costs, improved productivity, and enhanced driver safety. The system's custom alerts and maintenance updates are especially beneficial."
Midwest Fleet & Safety
"AirIQ's web-based fleet management solution has helped us manage driver behavior, locate vehicles, and estimate arrival times in real time, improving our overall fleet operations."​
Automotive Fleet
"The integration with AirIQ provides real-time data, driver event tracking, and maintenance alerts, which are crucial for maintaining fleet health and efficiency."
"AirIQ’s enterprise-grade service scheduling technology helps us minimize risk and liability, protect our assets, and reduce maintenance costs, improving overall productivity."​
Logistics Company

Optimize Your Fleet With AirIQ

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