Integration Partners

Explore our rapidly growing integration partnerships that allow you to grow and manage your business with ease

The Logo For Fleetio


Fleetio simplifies fleet operations by automating tasks, and outdated software to keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly.

The Logo for Trucker Tools

Tucker Tools

Trucker Tools provides tools that streamline operations for owner-operators, trucking companies, and freight brokers.

The Logo For Nektyd


Nektyd provides all-in-one management software to streamline operations for industries like landscaping and facility maintenance, offering tools for scheduling, invoicing, job costing, and customer communication

The Logo FOr Jonas Construction Software


Jonas offers contractors a unified solution to identify risky margins, and disparate systems for trustworthy, seamless information flow.

The logo for B2W Software

B2W Software

Adopt a unified approach for bidding, scheduling, performance tracking, equipment maintenance, safety, and data-driven decisions.

With AirIQ as your partner, you can tap into a world of opportunities in fleet management.

Why Partner With AirIQ

Customer Support

AirIQ is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support, including dedicated account management, technical assistance, and ongoing training. Their responsive and expert service ensures that clients can fully utilize their telematics solutions and address any issues promptly

Proven Track Record

AirIQ boasts a long history of delivering reliable and innovative telematics solutions across various industries. Their extensive experience and consistent performance have earned them a reputation for reliability and excellence, making them a trusted partner for fleet management​


AirIQ offers scalable and customizable telematics solutions designed to grow with your business. Their platform can easily integrate with existing systems, helping businesses optimize operations and resource allocation, thus facilitating seamless expansion​

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