Healthcare with Fleet Management

Our AirIQ Fleet and Asset Management System is made for the trades and services industries

Efficient Dispatching

Coordinate medical transport services with precision, reducing wait times and improving patient care

Emergency Response

Rapidly deploy resources in emergencies with precise location data

Monitor Medical Equipment

Track the location and status of essential medical equipment in real-time

Applications in Health Care

With our comprehensive solution you can:

Paramedics working inside an illuminated ambulance at night, attending to a patient on a stretcher

Ambulance Services

AirIQ's fleet management system ensures that ambulances are always ready for action. By optimizing routes and managing maintenance schedules, our solution helps reduce response times and improve patient outcomes.

A hospital room equipped with various medical devices and machines, ready for patient care

Hospital Equipment Management

Hospitals can track the location and usage of critical medical equipment, reducing downtime and ensuring that resources are available when needed. This leads to improved operational efficiency and patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirIQ's Fleet and Asset Management System?

AirIQ's Fleet and Asset Management System is a comprehensive solution that enables health care providers to track and manage their vehicles and equipment in real-time, ensuring efficient operations and improved patient care.

Is AirIQ compliant with health care regulations?

Yes, AirIQ is designed to help health care providers maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards, providing detailed reporting and audit trails.

How does AirIQ improve patient care?

AirIQ improves patient care by ensuring that medical transport services are efficient, reducing response times, and ensuring that critical medical equipment is available and in good working condition.

What kind of support does AirIQ offer?

AirIQ provides comprehensive support, including installation, training, and ongoing technical assistance to ensure that your fleet and asset management system operates smoothly.

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