Construction Equipment Tracking

Heavy equipment tracking with AirIQ’s innovates solutions

Reliable Asset Tracking

Set up alerts and notifications to trigger when the trailer tracking device detects unauthorized use.

Improve asset utilization

Streamline operations by identifying overused or underused equipment.

Complete fleet visibility

Quickly locate your fleet vehicles by accurately tracking movement in real-time.

More Efficient With AirIQ

With our Construction solution you can:

Aerial view of a construction site showing various construction vehicles and equipment, including excavators, dump trucks, and a conveyor system, working on a large excavation area

Mobile Equipment Management

Can't make it to the office? No problem. Access our heavy equipment tracking devices from anywhere via your mobile device or desktop. Create landmarks, set alerts for after-hours use, and get real-time updates on your equipment.

A yellow dump truck unloading dirt at a construction site, with piles of gravel in the foreground

Rugged Heavy Equipment Tracking Devices

AirIQ’ss tracking device offers a cost-effective and reliable solution to monitor and protect your heavy equipment. Enhance asset visibility and safeguard your mobile inventory with live monitoring, cellular coverage, and GPS data. Monitor More, Pay Less.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Construction Fleet Management?

AirIQ Management system sends signals to a satellite, providing real-time location and movement data for construction fleets. Integrated with Geofence, it tracks fuel use, engine hours, and driver behavior, while enabling proactive maintenance and improving vehicle utilization.

How much construction equipment is lost?

Construction companies face significant losses due to equipment theft and misplacement. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that the construction industry loses between $300 million and $1 billion annually due to equipment theft. Our goal is to help you prevent such loss affecting your business.

How does heavy asset tracking work?

Our tracker sends a signal to a satellite, which relays it to software that provides precise location data. AirIQ's fleet management software offers visibility of workforce and assets, tracks fuel use and idling, monitors engine hours and PTO usage, provides driver coaching, uses high-performance GPS, and delivers advanced reports.

How does AirIQ's telematics help improve construction fleet management?

Telematics enhances construction fleet management by providing vital data on vehicle and machinery health, which helps prevent major breakdowns and reduces costs. It diagnoses engine and machinery conditions, ensuring they receive proper maintenance for optimal performance.

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