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AirIQ's Battery Power Solution the IQ-BAT

Product Details

The IQ-BAT is a high-capacity, long-lasting battery specifically engineered to support the sophisticated functionalities of your fleet. Whether you need reliable power for asset tracking, environmental monitoring, or any other remote application, the IQ-BAT provides a seamless and dependable energy source.

Key Features

Th IQ-CAM's inner workings are shown, with the sockets and chips exposed

Long-lasting Power

With a high-capacity design, the IQ-BAT ensures extended operational periods, reducing the frequency of battery replacements and maintenance

A hand Holding the IQ-BAT. AirIQ's Battery Solution

Robust Construction

Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the IQ-BAT is encased in a durable shell that protects against physical damage and extreme weather

Efficient Energy Management

The IQ-BAT features advanced energy management technology that maximizes battery life and ensures efficient power consumption by your fleet

Safety and Reliability

Equipped with multiple safety mechanisms, including overcharge and discharge protection, the IQ-BAT guarantees safe and reliable operation


Asset Tracking With The IQ-BAT

Addtional Features

Fleet Management
Accident Logging, Driver ID, Harsh Driving, Driver Fatigue Alerts, Idle Monitoring, Speed Reporting, Asset Immobilization, Geofence Behavior, In-Cab Feedback
Network Settings
APN Settings, Network Selection and Preferences, Band Selection or Masking, Network Registration Timeouts
Tracking Behaviors
Update Rate, Tracking Mode, Movement Detection, Accelerometer Settings, Scheduled Uploads, Inactivity Timer
Condition Monitoring
Impact Detection, Tip Detection, Rotation Counting, Run Hour Monitoring

Frequently asked questions

How long will the batteries last?
Up to 10 years at 1 daily update. Around 3.5 - 7 years generally with other configurations and applications
My device is connected but doesn't have a GPS Fix?
It is most likely that the device simply failed its first fix attempt (it will attempt one on start up) - if it fails, it will go back to sleep until the next scheduled upload. On default settings, this means not for 12 hours, unless you move over 250m from your position (to start a trip). So to attempt another, move to a location with good GPS reception, remove the batteries for 30 secs, and reinsert. This does not do anything special, but it reboots the device and will mean it will start up and attempt another fix and upload
Can I use the Oyster3 to track run hours and Odometer readings?
Run hours can be tracked quite accurately using Jostle mode.

Odo readings are not as simple. Generally hard-wired devices should be used to track odometer readings. Getting an accurate reading relies on getting positions frequently enough during movement. The default 2 min logging can sometimes be OK, but it will never be as accurate as a hard wired device which will keep the GPS on during movement, getting a location more frequently and following every corner. The IQ-BAT will clip corners, or you can imagine in the extreme case, if you make a round trip between two GPS fixes and return to your start point, the distanced travelled will be 0m according to the IQ-BAT.
Where do I see the battery percentage in the device data?
The IQ-BAT is not fitted with a coulomb counter, thus the battery life remaining estimate must be made on voltage alone.
Some of my IQ-BAT devices have red LEDs and some have blue LEDs. What is meaning for the different colors?
he standard LED color for devices is red. Due to component availability, some production runs could be made with blue LEDs. There is no difference in behavior based on the color seen.

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