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Product Details

The IQ-CAM is not just a surveillance tool; it’s a revolution in security technology. Designed to offer unparalleled clarity, intelligent monitoring, and comprehensive coverage, the AI-12 ensures your premises are always safe and secure.

Back view of the IQ-CAM showing the screen and dual lenses
A Picture of the IQ-CAM from a top down view, with the SOS button at the bottom shown clearly
A Picture of the IQ-CAM from a side view

Key Features

In-cabin camera view of a driver drinking from a cup while driving, with a red warning icon in the top left corner, indicating a distraction alert

Advanced AI-Powered Analytics

The AI-12 leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to detect and analyze movements, identify potential threats, and provide real-time alerts. It distinguishes between humans, vehicles, and other objects, minimizing false alarms and ensuring precise monitoring.

Cloud Dashboard displayed on a laptop and a smartphone, showing a live map with vehicle locations and multiple dashcam video feeds, including front and rear views, as well as an in-cabin view of the driver


With 4K resolution, the AI-12 delivers crystal-clear images, capturing even the smallest details. Whether it’s day or night, the camera’s superior imaging technology guarantees high-quality video footage.

Black and white in-cabin camera view of a driver seated behind the wheel of a vehicle, with a timestamp and GPS coordinates displayed at the bottom of the image

Robust Night Vision

Equipped with enhanced infrared capabilities, the AI-12 provides exceptional night vision. It maintains clear and detailed surveillance in low-light conditions, ensuring round-the-clock security.

Hands of a person installing the IQ-CAM camera inside a vehicle, with the camera's screen and lenses visible

Easy Integration and Installation

The AI-12 is designed for quick and hassle-free installation. Its compatibility with various security systems and smart devices ensures seamless integration into your existing setup. With user-friendly interfaces and remote access features, monitoring your premises has never been easier.


Installing the IQ-CAm

MV+AI Features

About the GPS
The GPS of your dashcam tracks the vehicle's location. The vehicle's location is then used to calculate the speed of the vehicle. This information gets updated every five seconds while the dashcam is online, and is uploaded to the AirIQ's Fleet Management system every five minutes.

If information cannot be uploaded to the AirIQ's Fleet Management system Portal due to a loss of cellular connection, approximately 4 hours of GPS data and 1 GB of event video or snapshots are saved in the dashcam's internal memory. When the cellular connection is restored this information is sent to the AirIQ's Fleet Management system Portal and regular uploads continue.
About MV+AI
Machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) help drivers and fleet managers correct distracted driving as it occurs. Data is collected when your dashcam is online and the vehicle is in motion. The data are analyzed to detect distracted driving events. The driver receives visual and audio alerts when an event is identified. If the driver continues their behavior, the event is uploaded to the cloud. Two MV+AI events cannot be created at once.

Our MV+AI technology uses lens as a sensor. Even if video recordings are turned off, distracted driving events can still be detected and alerts can be sent to the driver. If video recordings are turned on, they get deleted when the SD card becomes full. For more information on that, see About the dashcam SD card. This technology does not record personal information or biometrics.
MV-AI events include:
  • cell phone use
  • food and drink
  • smoking
  • smoking
  • driver unbelted
  • general distracted driving
  • lens obstruction
Position the dashcam viewing angles for MV+AI
You can set the viewing angles of the road-facing and in-cab lenses.

When using MV+AI, the driver's upper body must be in view of the in-cab lens.
Control MV+AI alerts
MV+AI alerts depend on the settings of your AI-12 dashcam.
The Distracted Driver setting must be turned on to trigger in-cab alerts for any distracted driving events.

When the Distracted Driver setting is on and alerts for distracted driving events are enabled, you can then turn on or off each specific distracted driving event.

When Distracted Driver is off, MVAI events will not be triggered because the sensor does not receive any video recordings to analyze.

Frequently asked questions

What power source should the auxiliary cameras be connected to?
Auxiliary cameras are connected to the vehicle ignition power. They do not require constant power.
How do I change the date and time on the dashcam?
The date and time are determined by the mobile network of the dashcam. These details are hard-coded in the software for accuracy and can't be changed. You can change the time format of the dashcam in the Settings menu of the dashcam.
Does connecting auxiliary cameras to a dashcam affect the recording time available on the dashcam?
When auxiliary cameras are connected to a dashcam, the available memory in the dashcam SD card is split between the dashcam and all connected auxiliary cameras.
Where are the hotspot settings?
The dashcam can share its internet data by way of its hotspot.
What happens if the dashcam loses connection to the hotspot?
Once you connect the dashcam to a hotspot, the dashcam stores the relevant WiFi credentials in order to access that hotspot in the future. If the dashcam loses that connection, it will automatically connect to the hotspot again as soon as it becomes available.
What happens if I power off the dashcam using the power isolation (master) switch?
When the battery is used to power the dashcam, the dashcam does not record or function. If the battery remains in use for a long time, the dashcam won’t be fully functional until the battery charge reaches at least 30%.
Can the SD card of the auxcam be encrypted for data protection purposes?
No. The auxcam must be opened up to access data which means that the data is not easily accessible. Also, no private data is stored.
Does the position of the seatbelt affect how the dashcam triggers a Distracted Driving event?
Yes. Best practice is that the dashcam is located to the left of the driver.
Can rotating the dashcam lens trigger an event?
If the dashcam lens rotates and the g-force is significant, an event may be triggered. Tighten the lens screws fully when completing the installation to ensure that the dashcam cannot be rotated.

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